When it’s time to let go…

Mercedes-Benz A250 Sport

3 years on and it’s time to let another car go…this time it’s our beloved Mercedes-Benz A250.

It is a hoot to drive, but only if you’re not rattled by it’s firm AMG-tuned suspension. There’s heaps of power with 211bhp @ 5,500rpm and 350Nm of torque between 1,200rpm and 4,000rpm.

It pulls very quickly with those rather nice pops and crackles, but be very careful with flooring it as cold tyres and slippery surfaces are perfect recipes for front wheelspin. This, I think, is its primary weakness and could be the downfall of this redesigned, first generation A Class.

It has been a great and reliable workhorse and it’ll be pretty emotional to let her go.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for a worthy replacement…

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