Oh, Croatia!

We’re already looking forward to our next European escapade as we commence the Winter season here in Perth.

Our 3-week holiday in Croatia in mid-September takes off in 3 months’ time. Everything has been planned and booked! Yay! More...

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Saying goodbye to Central Europe

St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest

As I sit here at Liszt Ferenc Airport typing away this post, there is a sense of satisfaction, joy and gratitude for having complete another bout of holiday travel smoothly and safely.

Apart from the little drama whereby I permanently lost the Canon RC-6 remote shutter release following a slippery episode at Český Krumlov, we’re both safe and sound, and very happy to have experienced a White Christmas and New Year in f****** Central Europe! More...




Birdwatching during a European Winter

European Robin

I’m pretty pleased with the birdwatching during this trip. Our first day in Vienna saw us picking up the European Robin and Great-spotted Woodpecker, the former being a personal target species especially!

What have I spotted in all? Here’s a list! More...



Well, it’s Vienna all over again…

Novotel Hotel Wien Hauptbahnhof, Vienna

We arrived in Vienna this morning in style!

Our room at Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof is nothing short of simple, cosy and classy. We got a great spot the end of the corridor, with two windows overlooking Vienna but visibility’s not great due to the weather. More...



Meeting an old friend

Hallstatt, Austria

We last visited Hallstatt in 2012, while on a 3-month tour of Europe, and promised ourselves we would revisit this magical place one day.

I recall it being a frantic and hair-raising experience back in the day. More...



Onward to Austria!

Church of St. Vitus, Český Krumlov

We parted ways with Český Krumlov this morning in a 7.40am shuttle bus, headed for Bad Ischl.

Our transport arrangement was originally scheduled for 9.40am. Thank you, kind soul(s) for cancelling your booking so we could be placed in an earlier slot – every daylight hour in winter counts when sightseeing! More...



Let’s go take a hike!

Chapel of our Lady Delorous on the Hill of the Cross, Český Krumlov

A trip to Český Krumlov cannot be considered complete without a hike to the abandoned Chapel of Our Lady Dolorous on the Hill of the Cross.

Not long after breakfast this morning, we took a leisurely stroll to City Park for a bit of birdwatching and then made our way toward the hill. More...



Český Krumlov it is!

Buildings along Široká - the broadest street in Český Krumlov

A pleasant surprise awaited us as we transited from Prague to Český Krumlov.

The 2-hour plus journey on the super Rejiojet coach felt nothing like a long, tiring journey. These buses are quiet, spacious and comfortable. I really appreciate the fact that free coffee, charging outlets and airplane infotainment screens are offered on board! More...



Na Shledanou Prague!

Old Town Square Christmas Market, Prague

We’ve spent the last 8 nights in Prague having witnessed and attempting to immerse ourselves in the much talked about Christmas spirit that is so prevalent here.

Personally I think it’s rather overrated. More...