New website redevelopment project!

Tony's Cabinets & Renovations

Gill and I have just undertaken a job to redevelop a website for a local tradie, Tony’s Cabinets & Renovations.

Years back when we were living in Singapore, I spent quite a bit of time canvassing for website and graphic design jobs on the side. I did it with quite a bit of passion, as I was just discovering the other creative side of myself.

Back in the day, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash, as well the myriad of web content management systems out there helped me realised that where there is a graphical/visual interface to facilitate design – i.e. WYSISWYG editors – I would find joy in the process of using it.

Years later this still holds true. WordPress is my main platform of choice today, as evidenced by this website.

I don’t actively pursue website development on the side anymore, though. Music and photography have become flagship hobbies for me.

For this project, Gill’s invaluable expertise in business and marketing communications solves the other part of this redevelopment puzzle.

Website design and development is such a good and useful skill to have, I won’t be letting it go to waste any time soon.

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