Budapest is better than Prague!

Parliament House

Any misconceptions or pre-conceived notions I had about Budapest were unfounded.

It’s a mostly safe, clean and beautiful city. There is a sense of calm and unhurriedness around here…which I’m quite drawn to.

One can’t help but notice locals and travellers spending their own quiet time sitting next to the Danube, taking in sights across both sides of the river. Nice!

This place is so much better than Prague – and which is almost like the complete opposite in similar aspects. Busy. Crowded. Hurried. Filthy!

Prestige Hotel Budapest presented us with a lovely check-in by way of upgrading us to the Prestige Suite, their top tier accommodation.

What a way to cap off a 3-week+ vacation!

The Chain Bridge
St. Stephen's Basilica
Our suite at Hotel Prestige Budapest
Our suite at Hotel Prestige Budapest
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