As a guitar teacher…

I’ve been teaching guitar in the evenings for several years now! A profession like this brings heartwarming experiences from time to time. Knowing that an individual values both music and instrument over the engagement of some sort of vice is just great. A student’s musical and technical progression over weeks and months is something truly tangible and conjures that feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Given that I’m primary a progressive rock/metal player, teaching at all ages certainly keeps me on my toes in respect to the music that is out there – pop and classical music especially! More...



How will this summer weather pan out?

Sunset at Hillarys Boat Harbour, Perth

Living along the coast or inland in Perth can make or break one’s summer. Where we live – along the coast – temperatures during the warm season can be 7-15° cooler than the city. On a 40° day, a reading of 25-30° along the coast isn’t unusual. Don’t believe me? Just check with the Bureau of Meteorology!

What is the summer weather going be like? No one really knows, not even the bureau who have predicted a hot summer. I think they did the same last year, and the year before that. During both years the summer climate turned out pretty mild. More...



Down here in Busselton

Southern Emu-wren at Ambergate Reserve

With two birthdays in the works over the weekend we booked another trip down south to Busselton for a bit of fun and relaxation.

Thanks to freeway widening works, the traffic out of the city was devilish all the way to Casuarina. A real test of one’s patience, which consequently left me somewhat hungry and exhausted when we finally arrived in Geographe. More...





Every now and then I listen to some of the early improvisational guitar work I’ve casually recorded and go “hmm…that was pretty cool – there’s actually a nice melody/riff in there – with a bit of better playing and proper mastering this could sound a whole lot better!”

And so begins the work of re-recording just about every track. Depending on the complexity of the song it usually takes around a week or two to put everything together – bass and drums tracks included. Occasionally, additional phrasing or harmony is usually thrown in for good measure!

Purity is one these tracks. Recorded circa 2012, it has a simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus-coda type of arrangement. The opening rhythmn uses an movable Eadd9 chord shape that simply goes up and down the fretboard, producing the following chord progression.

Eadd9 | E7sus4 | Eadd9 | F6/E | C6/E | Cmaj7(#11)/E

As you can probably tell I love chord voicings that drone on a constant bass!

This song will make it to the next album!



The Ferguson Valley

Peppermint Lane Lodge, Ferguson Valley

If you were born, or have been living in Western Australia for a good while, have you heard of the Ferguson Valley?

Well, I was met with a puzzled look from a sandgroper colleague when I told him we were headed out there this weekend! More...



Looking for Caladenia

King Spider Orchid at Brixton Street Wetlands

This year’s wildflower hunt has taken a more interesting twist. We’ve started a little adventure looking for Caledenia – the elusive orchids of WA.

It has been a rather modest start with only two discoveries – the King Spider Orchid and the White Spider Orchid. They were spotted at Brixton Street Wetlands and Jorgensen Park respectively. More...



Out and about in the Springtime!

Mazda MX5-Retractable Fastback

We’re well into Springtime; what better than to do a long drive out to the countryside to see some wildflowers and get away from all that hustle and bustle?

With the A250 sold, this was a great opportunity to put our MX-5 RF through its paces on an extended 400km course and see how it would respond to the gruelling challenges of country roads. More...



Pocket Rocket incoming!

MINI John Cooper Works 3-Door Hatch

We put pen to paper today, to have the A250 traded in and replaced with this little mean machine – the MINI John Cooper Works 3-Door Hatch.

It’s the fastest MINI in the model range.

Undoubtedly a worthy successor to the Benz, it’s nimble, agile, and certainly no pig in the turns! This time I think the fun factor will be multiplied by tenfold.

Like our MX-5 RF, there’s no doubt the MINI JCW will continually put a smile on our faces behind the wheel. We’ll really have the best of both worlds – an utterly quick machine with best-in-class power-to-weight ratio, and go-kart handling just like like the RF – without the body roll.

I’m looking forward to zero front wheelspin when putting down the gas pedal. The 1st-generation A250 is notorious for this!

Best of all, the new toy will be a delightful birthday present for Gill when it arrives in January 2019!



An Upcoming Christmas Winter Wanderlust

Hallstatt, Austria

It’s already coming to the end of August, and we’ve just completed plans to cap off 2018 with a memorable 3-week Christmas winter wanderlust in a small region of Central Europe.

Flights and accommodation are already done and dusted, so if it all goes to plan, we’ll soon be in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Hungary. More...

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