Our Croatian road trip begins!

Ozalj Castle

Our Croatian road trip officially begins today. The journey will take us from Zagreb to Split in just over a week and fingers crossed there won’t be any hiccups!

I must admit to feeling a bit jittery leaving the familiarity of Zagreb and heading into an unknown, but hey, that’s what an adventure is about! More...

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Heading up north

Mirogoj Cemetery

We’ve seen enough of Zagreb and headed up north today for some sightseeing! The plan was to see these attractions, in the following order:

  • Mirogoj Cemetery
  • Medvedgrad Fortress
  • Trakoscan Castle
  • Varaždin old town

With breakfast done and dusted, we strolled with somewhat heavy stomachs and backpacks in tow, to Nova Rent-A-Car at the Sheraton Hotel. I chuckled as we approached and entered the hotel to use the washroom: loads of tour buses were lined up outside and guests filled the lobby. Hotel 9 is nowhere like that! More...



Visiting Maksimir Park

Maksimir Park

Zagreb has it’s own little green oasis which is worth a visit. It’s called Maksimir Park.

Located east of the city, Maksimir Park is Zagreb’s oldest public park that also happens to play host to the city’s zoo. It is easily accessible by the tram network (numbers 5 and 7 for us), so there’s no absolutely reason not to see it! More...



Going up and down in Zagreb

Radićeva ulica - street in Zagreb

We’ve been spending the last two days walking the streets of Zagreb following our arrival on Saturday afternoon.

The weather has been superb, lingering in the mid-twenties with clear blue skies. I get this feeling the photos for our 3-week trip is going to be laden with them! It’s so nice to be holidaying in Europe during this time of the year, and not clad in cumbersome winter clothing as we did with our previous 2 holidays! More...



Hello Zagreb!

Our suite at Hotel 9, Zagreb

So Croatia has finally become a reality!

We landed in Zagreb today just after noon, following two non-eventful flights from home and Dubai. The time spent in the air both definitely seemed shorter than expected. More...




Another winter escape

Our 30th floor suite at the Swissotel Stamford, Singapore

We arrived in Singapore this afternoon. It wasn’t quite planned and we only made the decision less than a month ago to come here. It’s a brief escape from the final month of winter here in Perth. I’m looking forward to sweating it out again!

We got a room on the 30th floor at the Swissotel Stamford, which is becoming our favourite hotel due to its accessibility. It’s very strategically located, what with the MRT and shopping just right below us! The view is stunning! More...




Oh, Croatia!

We’re already looking forward to our next European escapade as we commence the Winter season here in Perth.

Our 3-week holiday in Croatia in mid-September takes off in 3 months’ time. Everything has been planned and booked! Yay! More...

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