Birdwatching during a European Winter

European Robin

I’m pretty pleased with the birdwatching during this trip. Our first day in Vienna saw us picking up the European Robin and Great-spotted Woodpecker, the former being a personal target species especially!

What have I spotted in all? Here’s a list!

  1. European Robin (photographed)
  2. European Green Woodpecker (photographed)
  3. Great-spotted Woodpecker (photographed)
  4. Eurasian Nuthatch (photographed)
  5. Eurasian Bullfinch
  6. Eurasian Jay (photographed)
  7. Blue Tit (photographed)
  8. Great Tit (photographed)
  9. Willow Tit (photographed)
  10. Long-tailed Tit
  11. Chaffinch
  12. Goldcrest
  13. Rose-ringed Parakeet (photographed)
  14. Common Raven (photographed)
  15. Hooded Raven (photographed)
  16. Alpine Chough (photographed)
  17. Jackdaw (photographed)
  18. Short-toed Treecreeper (photographed)
  19. Mute Swan (photographed)
  20. Blackbird (photographed)
  21. Feral Pigeon
  22. Black-billed Magpie (photographed)
  23. Mallard Duck (photographed)
  24. House Sparrow (photographed)
Great-spotted Woodpecker
Willow tit
Short-toed Treecreeper
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