Down here in Busselton

Southern Emu-wren at Ambergate Reserve

With two birthdays in the works over the weekend we booked another trip down south to Busselton for a bit of fun and relaxation.

Thanks to freeway widening works, the traffic out of the city was devilish all the way to Casuarina. A real test of one’s patience, which consequently left me somewhat hungry and exhausted when we finally arrived in Geographe. More...





Every now and then I listen to some of the early improvisational guitar work I’ve casually recorded and go “hmm…that was pretty cool – there’s actually a nice melody/riff in there – with a bit of better playing and proper mastering this could sound a whole lot better!”

And so begins the work of re-recording just about every track. Depending on the complexity of the song it usually takes around a week or two to put everything together – bass and drums tracks included. Occasionally, additional phrasing or harmony is usually thrown in for good measure!

Purity is one these tracks. Recorded circa 2012, it has a simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus-coda type of arrangement. The opening rhythmn uses an movable Eadd9 chord shape that simply goes up and down the fretboard, producing the following chord progression.

Eadd9 | E7sus4 | Eadd9 | F6/E | C6/E | Cmaj7(#11)/E

As you can probably tell I love chord voicings that drone on a constant bass!

This song will make it to the next album!