The Grey-headed Fish Eagle

Grey-headed Fish Eagle at Singapore Botanic Gardens

We’re in Singapore right now for a 4-day break from Perth’s winter and I’m suitably impressed to have seen a Grey-headed Fish Eagle perched right on top of a high tree overlooking the Swan Lake at the Botanic Gardens. He’ll be spoilt for choice, what with all the carp and koi in that body of water!

I’ve also spotted a beautiful and sociable Crimson Sunbird, which as most twitchers would know are usually the rarer sunbirds to appear in the Gardens.



Thoughts on Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, Queensland

For a while I’m been wanting to see Airlie Beach, a coastal resort town just across the Whitsunday Islands. So now hat we’ve been there and done that, what do I think? Here’re just a few tips and thoughts!

  1. It’s a great base for those on a budget and wishing to explore the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands. For one, accommodation is certainly more affordable than those at Hamilton Island, where a decent room can cost as much $400.00/night (looking at you, Reef View Hotel).
  2. It somewhat less “dignified” or “classy” than Daintree or Noosa. Don’t be surprised to find bogans camped in their cars or caravans at the carparks around Airlie Bay. In short, it’s rather backpackery.
  3. Stay in an elevated location where you’ll have a panoramic view of the bay. It’s for this very reason we stayed at Peppers Airlie Beach. Book early and you might just get a room with one of the best views. We did!
  4. For the best of view of Airlie Bay, do the 7km return hike of Conway National Park starting from the steps at the end of Kara Crescent.
  5. Head up to Peter Faust Dam/Lake Proserpine if you really need to get away from the crowds. It’s utterly scenic and quiet there.

This region is home to the Rose-crowned Fruit Dove, as well as the Superb Fruit Dove. Beautiful creatures they are! I was also able to score a photo of the Wompoo Fruit Dove, and so went home a very happy man (in addition to celebrating our 17th anniversary!).




Vivid, Sydney Opera House

It’s great to be visiting Sydney again. I can’t quite recall exactly when we last stepped foot in New South Wales, but it was definitely a trip up in the Blue Mountains, and staying at the SLH-branded Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa. Lovely memories!

This is a precusory trip to Airlie Beach, as Gill needs to work at the exhibition booth at EduTECH. Naturally, I would be roaming the city during the day! More...