Off the (somewhat) beaten path

Siglufjörður, Iceland

Fact: A pleasant and relaxed Ring Road trip needs at least 3 weeks, no less.

It will not only give you ample time to explore the sights on your stopovers but also allow you to unwind and just do nothing apart from all that driving and sightseeing. More...



A one night stand

Hvammstangi Cottage, Iceland

We’ve reached Hvammstangi!

The winds were absolutely mad on the way here and I could have sworn our car might very well have been blown away at the cottage carpark (which is why I then moved it right next to the cottage to shelter it from the force of the wind). More...



Beautiful Mývatn

Höfði in Mývatn, Iceland

The photo you’re seeing above is a typical postcard picture of Mývatn. It is a beautiful region, which has seen plenty of volcanic activity in the past, and it is still happening, although not quite as obvious.

Craters and volcanoes in all shapes and sizes dot the landscape, and if there is one you must ascend, it is Hverfjall. Nothing too difficult, just park your car at its base and spend approximately 15 minutes walking to the rim. We chose to hike in from the main road and were able to observe some ground fissures along the way. More...




Heading to the East!

View en route to Egilsstaðir, Iceland

I’d been rather paranoid about the HöfnEgilsstaðir leg of our Ring Road journey since we arrived in Iceland, as snow was forecasted the entire day, which would then probably mean driving on icy and slippery roads.

As the gods would have it, there was none of that. It was beautifully sunny tinged with the occasional cloud cover which gave us the perfect opportunity to stop frequently to enjoy some very exciting views before reaching the east! More...



Letting off steam…

Hoffell hot tub, Iceland

Doing the Icelandic Ring Road requires the occasional rest, which is why we almost never stay less than a night anywhere (apart from Hvammstangi where we’ll be doing a one nighter at the cottages).

Without too many sights and attractions, a two night stay at Höfn is perfect for us to relax and take it easy. More...



Onward to Höfn

Waterfall along a stream, Iceland

Good sunny weather continued to smile on us as we made our way from Vik to Höfn. There’re many sights along the way and it literally took us nearly 9 hours to arrive at the doorstep of our hotel in Höfn.

The highlights of course, are Jökulsárlón and Diamond Beach.



When in Vik…

IcelandAir Hotel Cottages, Iceland

There’re a couple of things to do it while in Vik. Its church perched on a hill gives a fantastic view over town, and then there is the famous Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and the imposing Reynisdranger basalt sea stacks columns that everyone loves to see.

We visited the beach twice and on both occasions it was super windy! If you want a calmer experience go to the other side of the sea stacks directly south of Vik. More...



Let the games begin…

Vik, Iceland

And so our Ring Road journey officially begins!

I must admit feeling somewhat edgy prior to collecting our vehicle as it’s left hand drive and right hand traffic. It’s the complete opposite back in Australia! More...



Dinner at 3Frakkar!

Smoked Puffin

Icelandic puffins are awesomely cute, aren’t they?

Prior to this trip I’d read about them but never knew they could be eaten, until I watched Gordon Ramsay on YouTube hunting and making mincemeat out of these little creatures. I decided there and then, that I would have to quickly satisfy my curious palate when we arrived in Reykjavik. More...